We Track Workday Results!

Measure outputs and not the time put in. Simplify managing your team, reduce interruptions, and make productivity rewarding for both teams and companies. Start promoting the good work habits and embrace the ultimate work culture with us!

How we keep teams productive and happy!


People plan and report main actions of each workday in few one-liners. Understanding how each workday is gone, encourages prioritization and focus on the important.


Workday summarizes are transparent to all. There is less need for interruptions. Managers easily monitor what is progressing well and where things are off plan.


People get motivated when working is assessed by actions and results. Do as little as needed and avoid creating the unnecessary to just fill 9 to 5 workdays.

How teams benefit from our work culture

Empowered Teams

People become smarter and motivated when they can choose how, when, and where to work! Just define who is in charge of what and they will do the rest.

Going Remote

Remote working is great for companies, employees, and the planet! However believing in 9 to 5 workdays, many companies fail to benefit from remote working!

Managing Simplicity

Just monitor everybody is working as planned. Eliminate frustration coming from micro-managing and time wasted on meetings and status checks!

Less Interruptions

There is less need for meetings, emails, and chats to show "Hey, I am working". Focus brings efficiency and helps teams to accomplish more in less time!

Continuous Feedbacks

Having daily feedbacks helps to detect and fix problems early and easy!

Easy to Use

Using our tool is simple and does not add extra workload to teams. All needed is few minutes at the start and end of the day to plan and update daily actions.